The Internet is for ALL

I would like to tell everyone to create content and help the Internet grow.  I think what is giving the Internet a bad name, is that not many people in 2014 know how things work.  People think that everyone is “anonymous”, when what they should be doing is seeing what they have in common with people or to take the time to interact with everyone that they have things in common with.

I think people expect things to be online, but don’ know where they come from..  At the same time, they assume everyone who uses the Internet or talks to just about anyone, must be up to no good…  Who would spend years creating content online, if they were doing anything remotely inappropriate?!



When to blog or update

Usually whenever there is a lot going on, a blog or site post can be updated in several minutes, then it will usually hit the search engines like 2-3 days later.  The thing that makes it hard sometimes, is knowing what people are looking for.

Once someone becomes fairly proficient in the creation of online content, this can cause the people who lack those skills, but have a lot of assumptions to get scared.  I think, personally, that if people deal with me and the people that I have known for many years, they would see I am not anything for people to be skeptical of.

I have learned how to use the Internet over many years, there is nothing wrong with that!!


Looking through pics from over the years

Over the last several weeks I have been looking at a lot of old pics from over the years, it is something how many photos built up, without the digital cameras of today…  I can’t believe that over 39 years, there is probably a couple of hundred pics…

On my computer, I typically save pics of friends and family, but there are some people who seem to get confused by me doing what everyone else does…  Just because some people I haven’t seen some people In 2-3 years, why should I be forced to delete pics?  Everyone has photo albums.

With film making room for digital images, now it’s possible to get a lot more pics for those in this generation.


Misc. Post

One of the main things that I am continuing to revise is who to trust and basically who is showing me that they suck at life.  I have let Iowa Governor Terry Branstad know of the scam that Black Hawk County idiots are trying to pull.

I don’t see why he or the local and national media don’t get involved and correct the idiocy.  It has been spelled out, and any slapnuts can figure out that it is bullshit!  That is what I find so sad, how local idiots can violate both state and federal LAW.


Fake Blog Subscribers

I would like to just say that I am notified when people sign up to the blog…  All the gibberish names get deleted. I wonder why it keeps happening multiple times a day, I pretty much know who is behind it.  That is all I have to say about that.

People who keep flooding with fake names and never post pretty much show me that they are mentally challenged like alot of the people that I have been dealing with over the last 10 months to 39 years and 4 months.


Posts To the Blog

I try to provide plenty of content to anyone who is looking for some of the things that I know about.  I don’t find that anyone normal has much of an issue with that, but those who want to harass me, just seem to look for reasons.  I think if people talk to me, read the blogs, and see what I know about or am into, then they will see that they don’t have the right to take my property or break state law to extend something illegally.

Everyone who knows that the stupidity happened 10 years ago can see from the blog post that what is going on is in violation of state law…  BOW DOWN, MORONS!!

When it comes to Online Activity

I think that if people would realize that they can publish content, they would resort to chatting, blogging, and making sites, not just abusing social media.  I think most people expect things to be online, without taking some time to think about how websites or content is created.

I have spent the last 15 years looking at how sites work, as well as how to promote what I know about & tell everyone the things that I feel they need to know..  This assumption that I, or anyone, is “anonymous” is a myth…  Everyone should stand behind what they know about, instead of trying to determine whether or not people having a life is anyone else’s business.

I can tell that a lot of the people that I have recently been referred to are basically pandering to their own inadequate knowledge instead of seeing that I am and have never been dumb.


Everyone has the right to use the Internet

I think with everyone being connected to the Internet 24//7, no one has the right to say that just the normal actions of finding what they need and doing what they need to do, is inappropriate for anyone, that would be like saying the person is not allowed to be considered to be a normal human being.

What I am seeing, as far as what people are trying to do personally, is to say that at almost 40 years old, that I am unable to function..  What I have been doing for the last 10-12 years is of no concern to anyone, is no one’s business, and is my right as a human being.  How can anyone, especially when they know next to nothing, assume that if I, or anyone else for that matter, talks to people, writes books, or uses the Internet, that they don’t have that right.


Why is it wrong for me to do things that everyone else does?

It looks like some people assume that, based on their past assumptions about me, that I have no civil rights to be able to do what everyone else is doing. Taking my property, basically saying that I am not allowed to be a normal member of society violates my Constitutional Rights.

I let the Governor of Iowa know exactly what I expect to be taken care of in the short-term.  The people who assume that me keeping track of the things I am involved with is wrong, need to take a look at their lives.

Most everyone keeps photos of friends and family and makes lists of the things that they keep track of, there is nothing wrong with that.  I think it is coming down to the fact that people find me “knowing how to function online & offline” is scary, based on their imagined assumptions.

I would like to know when people will just see that I am no different from 95% of society!!


(No Subject)

I would like to just tell everyone that I will be working with everything I have & do what I need to, in order to get stupidity thrown out.  People who assume that I don’t have rights need to get the fact that crying about crap after my mom died in 2001-02 is no right to say I can’t do anything.

I have the same rights guaranteed by state and federal law as AANYONE ELSE!!  Just because I stand up for myself, people seem to think that I have no rights..  WTF?!