Now the gov’t. wants to regulate e-cigs

Over the last few years, people have been vaping instead of smoking, whether to quit or just save money.  Now the government is trying to regulate them similar to cigarettes… That does not make any sense, as they are not tobacco…  Are they going to over-tax it next.

Alot of people smoke, and quite afew are using e-cigs instead…  The government should really mind their own business…  People have the right to choose for themselves how they spend their free time or whatever.


I think people refuse to understand some things

I think alot of people don’t give me the same credit, because they assume things that aren’t even remotely true, in efforts to try to look smart.  I think they want to assume that some of the crap that they hear has imagined weight.

Anyone who has known me for any length of time, knows that 95% of what so many think is basically FALSE!!  What it comes down to is, certain people know what they need to do, to rectify the last 10 months of bullshit.

Governor Terry Branstad needs to make arrangements to get ahold of me and then throw out the idiocy involving Case # AGCR 191959, in entirety!


Fake Blog Readers

Whenever signs up as a potential user of my blog, I am sent a notice of their username & e-mail.  I can tell that 95% of them are fake, so they are automatically removed.  When a couple friends of mine cleared out their fake/gibberish users, there were several hundred..  This shows me that known online idiots are behind this kind of stupidity.

It doesn’t make any sense, that people are assuming I have no social rights, while at the same time they can spam me and everyone that I hang out with.  Just because I keep track of friends and family with lists, pics, and so on, that is no different than anyone else & it is not the least bit “scary”.


(No Subject)

I think, when it comes to the law, when people see that stuff clearly expires, then that is pretty much the end of that.  People that want to continue to waste time misjudging me, aren’t tending to do anyone any big favors.  Fact of the matter is, the things that Black Hawk County idiots, in association with the state of Iowa, are basically in violation of the respective law they are saying applies.

When the State of Iowa departments review whatever they need to and make a decision,  County officials can’t void that based solely on their nonsense.

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad and anyone else need to contact me ASAP.


Tablets or other devices provide a learning curve

If someone is used to using a desktop, using a laptop computer is not much different…  The new tablets or touch screen devices, it can take awhile to learn and get used to.  It is just like with all of the new OS versions…  I would think, the only time that a new operating system would need to be released is with a major change in computers.

The last few versions of Windows have had alot of new features to learn how to use…  Even with that, anyone who is used to using computers can get to know how things work.


Misc. Post

I try to come up with a lot of new things to talk about.  Most discussions can get going at the ChatZone.  What I find odd about the Internet is that people aren’t even trying to learn to blog or create content to help the Internet grow.

Here is what everyone should see about the Internet.  Developing things of value, especially on a personal level, provides alot motivation to keep going…  Some people think it would be scary for someone with online skills to be online, so they try to use stupidity to create excuses to try to limit or remove personal rights and freedoms from people.  This I find wrong on so many levels, just as a member of society.

Just something to think about…


Why do people fail to learn how the Internet works

The Internet has been a big part of this generation, yet it seems like so many people either think that they need to assume everyone is a creep, or they are busy acting fake.  I think both of those things are pretty pointless.

People used to know how to congregate, chat, or even create websites…  In 2014, there are so many people who clearly think that the Internet is a toy.  The Internet is a valuable medium.

People need to consider 2 things.  First, everyone should be entitled to use and make use of the Internet.  Second, what someone else has taken time to learn how to do, or to develop specific skills, this does not harm or even affect anyone else.

I have run into people who seem to think me having a wide array of skills, especially dealing with the Internet, is somehow a concern to anyone.  They try to use a nonsense assumption to justify this stupidity.


Everyone Wants To Judge

I think the people who don’t realize that the recent events of the last 10 months are completely wrong, not to mention illegal, then they just don’t get it.

I was looking through some things and I found people whom I would be 2-3 times more leery of, whether I knew anyone who is just like I am, or just knowing of how things have gone eon over the years.  I think alot of people are afraid to look at that, so they assume that someone who write books, creates websites, or knows how to edit and create videos and audios pose a threat, when they are just the mediums I use to show what I know and about & am all about.

I think some people are letting ill-formed assumptions replace both knowledge & common sense…


I am continuing to do what I feel that I need to.

I don’t see why everyone is assuming that in the last 39 years I don’t know anything.  I wouldn’t have to stick up for myself if people didn’t resort to do things which clearly are wrong.  This is what shows me who I can trust.

I think people, if they have limited resources, especially financially speaking, are treated with less respect.  From a legal aspect, it seems like some people, especially in small towns or rural areas, can be targeted, especially if they clearly know alot and are not afraid to show other people what they know.

I am not ashamed of showing everyone what I know, and I have never had a reason to hide.  I don’t see why people want to spend their time or resources harassing me, and trying to steal my private property under false pretenses and assumptions.


(No Subject)

Just because I blog, make videos, write books, and pretty much talk to anyone about anything, some morons seem to want to assume that is a threat, when they should know better.  Being around other people is of no concern, no matter who the person is.

It is something that people want to try to restrict my civil rights, and be willing to violate state & federal law in the process…  Gov. Terry Branstad needs to get a hold of me to try and dispose of the recent idiocy in a normal way…  He has been notified of what is going on and what needs to happen.